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Hi there! Welcome to Game Music Themes, the web's reference site for video game sheet music! Would you like to play the jazzy tunes of Super Mario Bros? Or the epic melodies from The Legend of Zelda? Will you be fast enough to play Sonic the Hedgehog's themes? Maybe you just want to relax while you play some Final Fantasy music? You've come to the right place! Click on Sheet Music to download free fan-made high quality sheet music from your favourite video game themes arranged for piano. Happy playing!


Now you can submit your arrangements to Game Music Themes! Strict rules for submissions have been created in order to maintain quality high.

Check the new Resources section! Tutorials, tips and information await music arrangers and performers there!

MIDIs are back! Now you can see the difficulty of each piece on its PDF icon and a low-quality, fast-to-load preview in PNG format. All pieces, games and consoles have their own pages where you can see information about them. We've also added links so as you can hear the original music on YouTube and even watch some gameplay of the moments when it can be heard.

Synthesia links have been integrated on the site so as you can easily see how to play every arrangement. You can also battle against other pianists for getting the highest score in Song Recital mode! We've got leaderboards that show the players who got the best score on each piece. Click here, set up your system and show the world who's the best video game music performer!

Social buttons have been added so as you can quickly share everything with your friends and follow our updates. New comment boxes also allow you to express your opinion on the arrangements we have.

To all of you sending requests: please check the guidelines we've written here.

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