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Review: Act Clear from Sonic the Hedgehog 3 by Hyper_Sonic (3)

Click here to see the original submission file: PDF

Click here to see the correction after the first part: PDF

  1. Listen to this version during gameplay now. The last note on the submitted arrangement seems to be the ka-ching! sound effect at the end. But it is missing the other sound effect that plays while the points are being added. Let's include it, taking into account that we can't know for sure how long the process lasts.

  2. Improvement 7

  3. Our arrangement has neither dynamics nor expression marks. If you hadn't heard this music before, you might not know how to play it. Well, you could guess it by listening to the harmonic progression if you are an experienced musician. We will add some indications for those who aren't (yet!).

  4. Improvement 8

  5. Those two bars at the beginning are huge! Let's change the time signature to 2/4 to improve readability. The theme is so syncopated that we can't be sure what the real time signature is anyway. If you tried, you could even fit it on a 6/8 structure.

  6. Improvement 9

  7. How fast is the original music? Is it Allegro with ♩ = 120? Almost! By using this web application and listening multiple times to the theme, we've come to the conclusion that the speed is closer to ♩ = 125. It also sounds faster than just Allegro... Let it be Molto allegro!

  8. Improvement 10

  9. We've also increased the distance between the staves at some point because they were too close and some notes were almost touching, but we don't remember when!

That's all! We already know we are the most incredible nitpickers of the world, so you may now close that hate mail draft you began writing when you reached point 4. Attention to detail is very important when you strive for perfection! Click here to see the arrangement with all these improvements included: PDF

Have fun arranging! :-)

Update (15/11/2013): Hyper_Sonic told me that the sharped F of the chord on the second half of the second beat of the third bar should be natural. He is right! It has been corrected.

Gori Fater Gori Fater
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Gori Fater is the local deity of Game Music Themes: he founded the website and acts as its webmaster, its administrator and its content manager. He decides which submissions get posted on the site (and raise to heaven) and which don't (and burn in hell forever. The ones that emit the most powerful flame are those with their key signature wrong or with chords stretching three octaves to be played with a single hand). He controls and manages all accounts (YouTube, Facebook, Twitter...) linked to the site thanks to his omnipotent character, and still finds time to make arrangements of his own, which get automatically posted without any kind of quality control. The 98 arrangements he has made are a testament to human excellence.

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