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Terms of Use

Game Music Themes grants all parties a limited, non-exclusive, non-transferable, universal license to use and publicly perform the arrangements available at Game Music Themes as long as the following criteria are met:
  • No profit is made from the exercise of this license. Live performance of the arrangements available at Game Music Themes may occur in commercial, for-profit spaces such as stores, private clubs, or other gatherings, so long as no cost is explicitly associated with listening to them and no endorsement of the commercial entity by Game Music Themes can be inferred.
  • If the arrangements available at Game Music Themes are being performed, materials used must be clearly attributed both to the arranger who created it and to Game Music Themes. This accreditation must be in the form of the arranger nickname followed by "Game Music Themes (". In applicable contexts where user interactivity is possible, such as websites, the site name and URL must be linked to Accreditation must be presented as close to the utilized material as possible; if the arrangements are used in a video, accreditation must be included in credits at the end, but if displayed on a website, accreditation must be prominently displayed in context with the utilized material. In the case of public or semi-public performances where accreditation is not reasonable, responding to audience inquiries with this information will suffice.
Game Music Themes reserves the right to terminate this license at any time. Game Music Themes maintains sole control of the distribution of materials under its name, as designated by the link to Game Music Themes present on the arrangements, or other indicators clearly establishing attribution of works to Game Music Themes. Game Music Themes in no way indemnifies those utilizing the arrangements available at Game Music Themes from legal action on the part of third party copyright holders.
This license doesn't allow you to redistribute, incorporate into other works or make derivative works from the arrangements available at Game Music Themes. The original arranger must be contacted to obtain a separate license for these actions.

All arrangements, music files, recordings, videos, images and trademarks on this website are © their respective owners.
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Terms of Use
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