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If you want to submit something to this website and have read our Submission Agreement, please follow these guidelines:

If you want to submit an arrangement...
  • You must be a member of the GMA Forum.
  • Make sure that a version of your arrangement doesn't already exist on this website. At the moment we prefer not to have several versions of the same theme.
  • Your submission must be your own, original arrangement. Don't submit on behalf of others.
  • Your arrangement must be in PDF format and be accompanied by a MIDI file made from it. Name both files as "(Name of Game) - (Name of Theme)". Since most game themes haven't got a determined name, please choose a representative name for the theme you submit. Both files mustn't exceed 500KB in size combined. Please don't submit images or screenshots in bmp, jpg, gif or any other image format. They will be automatically rejected. If you don't know how to convert your arrangements to PDF, check the software links at the Links section.
  • Your arrangement must be about a video game or computer game theme, a variation of a game theme or a compilation of sound effects or short motifs for piano. Don't send one sound effect with a length of one bar. It's a waste of paper...
  • At the moment only arrangements of music from commercial games is accepted. Avoid sending arrangements of music from games that are shareware, freeware or personal projects.
  • Try to make your arrangement as close to the original theme as possible. If your arrangement isn't accurate enough it may be rejected. On this website we focus on quality rather than on quantity. If you consider your arrangement can be dramatically improved, then improve it before submitting it!
  • Arrangements must be cleanly and clearly produced. Use margins. Space the elements correctly. Avoid overlapping between elements. Try to use this structure to place the title and other elements on the arrangement. Please don't forget to include a link to this website. It serves as a way to prove that you are the real arranger of the arrangement you are submitting.
  • Submissions that do not meet the previous requirements will not be evaluated. If they do, they will be evaluated based equally on arrangement, production and quality criteria.
  • Send only one arrangement at a time. Multiple submissions on the same email will not be evaluated.
  • Ensure that submissions are final, polished works: once posted, they cannot be revised.
  • Do not host your submission on a temporary storage site where it might expire before it is evaluated. In the event that you cannot host your file, send your submission as an email attachment. You will not be contacted if your link or attachment does not work.
  • Send your arrangement to, including on the subject of the email the text "[GMT][Arrangement]" plus its title.
  • Along with a link or attachment to your submission (PDF + MIDI), include in your email:
    • Your nickname.
    • Your email address.
    • Your website. (optional)
    • Your GMA Forum username.
    • A link or attachment to your avatar. (if it's the first time you submit something to this website) (optional)
    • Name of the theme arranged.
    • Game in which that theme appeared. In case the theme is shared by several games, indicate the first one.
    • Additional information about the game including composer and system. (if there is no material for that game on the site yet)
    • A link or attachment to the original music file you used to make your arrangement.
    • Indicate if you are submitting an easy or a complete version of the theme.
  • If you consider that you have something that would fit very well with the material available on this website, like a compilation of variations or a full album of arrangements, even if they don't meet all the requirements described above, don't hesitate to send it including on the subject of the email the text "[GMT][Other]" and indicating on the email why you think it would be interesting to add it to this site.

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