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Game Music Affiliates

Shivasar's RPG Sheet Music - This site has nice sheets of RPG music and is run by Belthasar. If you consider the arrangements on my site too difficult, check this site. You may find more playable stuff.
Wyvern's Music - Website run by Wyvern, which focuses on sheet music for Nintendo games. It has just a few video game music sheets at the moment, but it will grow soon!
Video Game Sheet Music World - Dude Guy's site of transcriptions!
THEpianOCian's Sheet Music - Run by Tony Dao aka thepianocian, this site contains his expanding collection of video game, anime, rock, and other popular sheet music.
Heliumkidd's sheet music - A well-done site with many quality sheets!
Diricos' Sheet Music - From Final Fantasy to Zelda find it all here.
Video Game Guitar Tabs - Stamen's source of video game guitar music, with the help of others, there's a wide variety of familliar video game tunes for any guitarist to learn.

Game Music Sound Files

Video Game Music Archive - MIDI music from your favorite videogames from before the reign of the NES through to the Battle of the NextGens! The best website for game music sound files in MIDI format.

Software for Arrangers

Finale NotePad - A good free musical editon program.
PDF995 - A good free PDF converter. It helps you create PDF files by simply selecting the "print" command from any application.

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