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What is Game Music Themes?
Game Music Themes is a site which offers high-quality video game and computer game sheet music for piano, made by several arrangers. You can also contribute if you want!

When I click on a link to get a file, I get an image saying "Get this file at". How can I get the file?
That image should only appear if you are trying to download a file hosted in Game Music Themes from another website. It's a measure of protection against hotlinking. If you see it while browsing this website it's because you must be using the browser Internet Explorer or some other which is not Firefox. I have a limited time to update Game Music Themes, so I can't be spending time on detecting and fixing incompatibilities between browsers. As stated in the bottom of every page, this website has been designed to be browsed with Firefox. Get Firefox.

Have you got any sheet music for [Insert Game/Movie/TV Series]? -or- Can you send me sheet music of [Insert Game/Movie/TV Series]?
Maybe, but I' don't want to spend the whole day sending sheet music to everybody. Search harder.

Have you got sheet music for other instruments?
No. If you have a bit of time and musical knowledge you should be able to separate the melody from the piano arrangements offered at Game Music Themes and play it with your instrument.

I can't find sheet music for [Insert Game/Movie/TV Series]. What can I do?
1. You can search on the other Game Music Affiliates' websites.
2. You can post a Request on the Forum.
3. You can search for it on other websites.
4. Maybe there is official sheet music for what you want. Check eBay.
5. You can hire me to make it for you. For details send an email to including information about the theme you want arranged.

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