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About Submissions

If you want to submit sheet music to this site, please follow these points:

- Arrangements will be sent to

- Do not send arrangements of themes for which an arrangement exists already
in this site.

- Try to make your arrangement as close as the original theme as possible. If
your arrangement doesn't match it well enough it may not be put on the site.

- The title of the arrangement must be composed of the name of the game it is
from and the theme or part of the game where it can be heard. Put in the upper
left part of the first page the name of this site, and in the upper right part
the name of the composer of the theme, if you know it, and your name or nick.
Just like this.

- You may send the arrangement in .pdf format, along with a Midi of it or
the arrangement in .mus format (Finale NotePad, downloadable at, and the original sound file (Midi, mp3, ...) you
used to make it, or a link to it.

- WARNING: your arrangement must be under 200 KB; else I won't be able to
upload it. Reduce its quality or, if it is really necessary, break the arrangement
into several .pdf files.

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